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Guide to the Dr. Valencia Diet – The Tiktok Sensation Story

The Valencia Diet is a new diet buzzing around on Tiktok—a colorful and fruit-filled diet people worldwide attribute to weight loss and improved overall health.

What is the Valencia Diet? How does it work? Is it worth the hype? This is a Guide to the Dr. Valencia Diet. Get the full scoop here!

Who is Dr. Valencia?

Dr. Valencia, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Edward Dia College, has a popular TikTok account where he shares fresh veggie recipes, diet tips, and motivational content.

One key component of this diet is caloric restriction. Dr. Valencia recommends that each dieter consume about 1,500 calories daily.

What Can I Eat on the Valencia Diet?

• Eat as much fresh produce as you can. • Focus on unprocessed, whole foods. • Consume raw or cooked produce.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on the Valencia Diet

The 7-day Valencia diet plan was created to help overweight people shed their excess pounds. 

Who can benefit from the Valencia Diet?

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